[Solaris x86 FAQ] 1. Table of Contents (Solaris x86 FAQ)




(3.1) + What web and FTP sites do I need to know about?
(3.2) + How do I subscribe to the Solaris/x86 mailing list?
(3.3) + Where can I obtain Solaris 2/x86 maintenance updates?
(3.4) + Where can I obtain Solaris 2/x86 patches?
(3.5) How can I obtain freeware, shareware, and GNU software on a CD-ROM?
(3.6) What UNIX-like operating systems are available on x86?
(3.7) + What books are available on Solaris x86?
(3.8) What magazine articles are available on Solaris x86?
(3.9) + What's new for Solaris 10 x86?

(4.1) What information should I have before an install?
(4.2) + What hardware is supported by Solaris 2.x for Intel?
(4.3) + What size disks and partitions should I have?
(4.4) What are SCSI IDs expected by Solaris x86?
(4.5) What video card/monitor combination works best?
(4.6) Is Plug-and-Play (PNP) supported by Solaris/x86?
(4.7) Is Advanced Power Management (APM) supported by Solaris/x86?
(4.8) Are "floppy tape" devices supported by Solaris x86?
(4.9) + How can I get a "free" copy of Solaris?
(4.10) What's missing from the "free" copy of Solaris that's in the commercial version?
(4.11) How do you create a Device Configuration Assistant (DCA) Diskette in DOS/Windows?
(4.12) How can I get Solaris to see the third ATAPI controller?
(4.13) Are Ultra DMA (UDMA) drives supported?
(4.14) + Are Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices supported?
(4.15) + Is the scroll wheel on the mouse supported?
(4.16) What's the difference between Solaris x86 Server and Solaris x86 Desktop?
(4.18) + Is Solaris x86 64-bit aware?
(4.19) What's the difference between partitions and slices?
(4.20) I already used the 4 primary fdisk partition table entries. Can I create a partition for Solaris within my extended partition?
(4.21) What are the IRQ assignments?
(4.22) + Are Laptops supported for Solaris x86?
(4.23) Is Serial ATA (SATA) supported for Solaris x86?

(5.1) How long does the install take?
(5.2) My ATAPI CD-ROM or DVD isn't recognized during install of Solaris and it's not in the HCL. What can I do?
(5.3) What kind of problems might I encounter installing my SCSI system?
(5.4) + What do I do when the install hangs/panics?
(5.5) I'm trying to install Solaris/x86 on my ATAPI drive. However, the installation program says the root partition must end within the first 1023 cylinders of the disk. What can I do?
(5.6) Does Solaris x86 prefer to have the motherboard BIOS set to NORMAL or LBA for ATAPI disks?
(5.7) Why does a Solaris install to a disk with valid, pre-existing fdisk partitions sometimes fail?
(5.8) How do I add a 8 GB or greater ATAPI drive to Solaris 7 or earlier?
(5.9) + How do I install or use the "2 of 2" installation CD?
(5.10) How do I install or use the documentation CD?
(5.11) Help! I get a "VTOC" or cannot mount error installing Solaris.
(5.12) * Help! Install hangs at "Discovering additional network configuration"
(5.13) * Can I just buy a Solaris x86 system instead of installing it myself?
(5.14) * What's the difference between a Solaris HW and Update release?
(5.15) * How can I use GRUB to boot Solaris/x86? *
(5.16) * How can I use GRUB to boot multiple instances of Solaris/x86?
(5.17) * How do I use Live Upgrade?

(6.1) How do I add additional drives?
(6.2) + How do I add or configure users, printers, serial ports, software, etc.?
(6.3) + How do I suppress the banner page on my printer?
(6.4) + How do I set up an HP-compatible printer to print PostScript files?
(6.5) + How can I improve disk and graphic performance?
(6.7) + How do I get Solaris to recognize generic network cards with well-known chipsets?
(6.8) + How do I change the IP address or hostname or both on Solaris/x86?
(6.9) How do I configure another serial port, /dev/ttyb-ttyd (COM2-4)?
(6.10) How do I disable Solaris/x86 from probing the UPS on COM2?
(6.11) * How to I boot into 32-bit mode on AMD64 or Intel 64?
(6.12) * How to I set the time zone?
(6.13) + How do I configure Dynamic IP Addresses (DHCP)?
(6.14) + How do I configure my SoundBlaster or other sound card?
(6.15) + How do I enable the audio output from my CDROM to my SBPRO card?
(6.16) Can I use Solaris/x86 to setup a "headless" server?
(6.17) Can I get a Sun-style keyboard (Ctrl & Caps Lock reversed) for S/x86?
(6.18) + Can I run multiple terminals on the console of Solaris x86 like those supported on Linux, FreeBSD, Interactive Unix, and SCO?
(6.19) How do I upgrade my video graphics card?
(6.20) + How do I burn a CD or DVD with Solaris?
(6.21) Is IPv6 available for Solaris/x86?
(6.22) Is IPsec available for Solaris/x86?
(6.23) Is Kerberos 5 available for Solaris/x86?
(6.24) Does Solaris x86 support multiple processors?
(6.25) How do I uncompress a .gz file?
(6.26) + Why doesn't /usr/bin/cc work?
(6.27) How do you connect Solaris to my cable modem?
(6.28) How do you setup Solaris to use Time Warner's RoadRunner cable modem service?
(6.29) How do I force the speed and/or duplex of my network interfaces (ndd(1M) doesn't work)?
(6.30) Why can't I create a home directory under /home?
(6.31) Is Symantec Veritas file system available for Solaris x86?
(6.32) * How to I find the battery status for a laptop under Solaris?
(6.33) How do I use Linux NIC drivers for Solaris x86?
(6.34) How do I add color to "ls" or "vi"?
(6.35) + How do I move the disk containing Solaris from the ATAPI primary master controller to the secondary controller or slave connector (or both)?
(6.36) + I've installed Solaris using Sun's brain-dead disk slice defaults. How do I modify my slices?
(6.37) How do I mirror root with Disksuite when /boot is a separate fdisk partition?
(6.38) Is ISDN supported for Solaris x86?
(6.39) Is there a substitute available for PRNG /dev/random for Solaris x86?
(6.40) What are some good, easy-to-use printing solutions for Solaris?
(6.41) + What is the Solaris Data Encryption Kit?
(6.42) How do you mount a Solaris ISO image (with UFS filesystems) in Solaris?
(6.43) + Is noexec_user_stack supported in Solaris x86?
(6.44) * How do I setup zones with Solaris?
(6.45) How to change the audio beep frequency?
(6.46) + Is Adobe Acrobat Reader available for Solaris x86?
(6.47) * Are RealPlayer and other audio and video players available for Solaris x86?

(7.1) What can I do if Solaris won't boot?
(7.2) How do I restore the Solaris boot block without reinstalling?
(7.3) + What can I do during the Solaris/x86 booting sequence?
(7.4) + How do I logon as root if the password doesn't work anymore?
(7.5) My licensed software fails because the host ID is 0. What's wrong?
(7.6) How can I fix Netscape Communicator to render fonts correctly on S/x86?
(7.7) Why doesn't Netscape run as root?
(7.8) I moved my PCI host adapter to another slot and the system won't boot!
(7.9) Why is Solaris always booting into the Device Configuration Assistant (DCA)?
(7.10) What is the equivalent of STOP-A for Solaris x86?
(7.11) + How can I reboot Solaris x86 without it asking me to "press a key" before rebooting?
(7.12) Help! I'm stuck in the "Boot Assistant" and can't boot. What do I do?
(7.13) Help! I get error 2 or error 8 while applying patches. What do I do?
(7.14) How do I prevent kdmconfig from running on boot up when I know my keyboard, display, and mouse configuration has not changed?
(7.15) * I get this error message: "can't get local host's domain name" or "The local host's domain name hasn't been set." What do I do?
(7.16) My system doesn't boot due to superblock problems with the root filesystem. What do I do?
(7.17) My system doesn't boot because the boot archive is corrupt. What do I do?

(8.1) + How do I find a Solaris video driver for my graphics card?
(8.2) + How do I install the Xorg video drivers?
(8.3) + How do I configure Xorg on Solaris?
(8.4) + How do I configure 64K colors for XSun/CDE?
(8.5) + How do I Add KDE, FVWM, or other non-CDE/GNOME Window Mangers to the dtlogin screen?
(8.6) + Where can I get GNOME or KDE packages for Solaris/x86?
(8.7) After upgrading to Solaris 9 or installing GNOME, GNOME does not appear in the dtlogin menu. How can I fix this?
(8.8) Are TrueType fonts supported in Solaris?
(8.9) After installing and booting Solaris I get this message: "The X-server can not be started on display :0"
(8.10) How do I disable CDE auto-start upon booting multi-user?
(8.11) + How do I su(1) to another user and run an X application?
(8.12) + Does Solaris x86 support multiple heads?
(8.13) How do I get my 2-button mouse to emulate 3 buttons?
(8.14) How do I get some older Solaris GUI's to run with Xorg?
(8.15) * Can I use an old Sun monitor with a 13W3 connector with a VGA adaptor card?

(9.1) + Can I install Solaris x86 on a system that already has MS Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP (among other systems)?
(9.2) How can I use MS Windows' NT/2K Loader to boot Solaris/x86?
(9.3) * Can I mount Solaris ZFS filesystems on Linux or Mac?
(9.4) * How can I mount MS Windows NTFS filesystems in Solaris?
(9.5) + Can I install Linux and Solaris on the same drive?
(9.6) * Help! Mount of a Linux NSFv4 fails with "Not owner"
(9.7) Empty
(9.8) Empty
(9.9) + How can I boot both Solaris/x86 and Win XP/2000/NT on the same disk?
(9.10) + How do I mount a DOS partition from the hard drive?
(9.11) + Does PartitionMagic and BootMagic understand Solaris partitions?
(9.12) How do I access a DOS-format diskette from Solaris?
(9.13) Does Solaris mount and recognize MS Windows partitions with long file names (VFAT)?
(9.14) + How can I make my Solaris files easily available to MS Windows on a network?
(9.15) * How can I access files on a remote MS Windows, SMB, or SAMBA share?
(9.16) How can I make my Solaris files easily available to an Apple Macintosh on a network?
(9.17) Can I use SunPCi on Solaris/x86?
(9.18) + Will Linux programs run on Solaris 2/x86?
(9.19) How can I get the DOS and UNIX clock to agree on Solaris/x86?
(9.20) + Is Solaris x86 able to execute Solaris SPARC applications?
(9.21) Will my old applications from SVR3 or SCO run on Solaris 2/x86?
(9.22) Will my application from Solaris/SPARC work on Solaris/x86? I have the source.
(9.23) Can I access Solaris/x86 partitions from Linux?
(9.24) + Can I access Linux (ext2/ext3) partitions from Solaris?
(9.25) + What are some books on Windows NT/Solaris integration?
(9.26) + How can I view MS Word files in Solaris?
(9.27) Where can I get Mozilla Firefox, or another web browser for Solaris x86?
(9.28) How do I setup Xprint for Mozilla?
(9.29) Can I mount other ufs disks, say from BSDi/FreeBSD, and vice versa?
(9.30) How can I use a disk partition on Solaris 2.x which was previously dedicated to MS Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP (or other OS) as dual boot?
(9.31) How can I convert a DOS/Windows text file to a Unix text file?
(9.32) Can VMWare be used with Solaris x86?
(9.33) Is Solaris on Intel really "Slowaris"--slower than other Intel-based operating systems?
(9.34) How can I remove (uninstall) Solaris from my hard drive?
(9.35) I can install Linux on a system with Solaris x86, but why can't I boot it?
(9.36) Empty
(9.37) What are the /dev/dsk/ disk naming conventions for x86 disks?
(9.38) * What is OpenSolaris and what distributions are available?
(9.39) * How do I compile Abiword for Solaris?

*New question.
+Significantly revised answer.



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